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The-Quitters-mThis is the story of a short-lived, local band that broke up 20 years ago. You’re probably wondering why you should care. On the surface, their story is like so many other bands: they got together, wrote some great songs, released a couple of tapes, had a strong following and then hit the ceiling, the point where there just wasn’t anywhere else for them to go.

Sound familiar? Sure, but where the Quitters’ story gets interesting is in the details. There’s a journey here that makes for a story worth telling. It takes us through some of the highlights – and maybe also lowlights – of the first 15 years of Calgary’s punk music scene.

Chapter 1: Punk Rock Virgins

Joe McCaffery, one of the Quitters’ two lead singer/guitarists, is quick to make a correction to my usage when we talk about the history of the band. “Christopher [Truch, the…

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