Rome Film Review: ‘Tir’


A “tir” is a tractor trailer, and Alberto Fasulo’s “Tir” is a docu-style drama about an ex-teacher-turned-trucker who misses home but is reluctant to give up his now-higher salary. Docu helmer Fasulo, in his first fiction pic, captures the tedium of life in a trucker’s cab, the powerlessness felt by drivers sent hither and thither by dispatchers, and the toll life on the road takes on those back home. Solid, intermittently engrossing yet rarely vital, “Tir” does perhaps too good a job of showing the boredom of the long haul. Rome’s top prize will ensure fest bookings.

The award was likely given as much for the message as for the pic itself, which — though well made and acted with impressive authenticity by Branko Zavrsan — feels slight in comparison with the irony implied by a system where a trucker (an unquestionably essential job) has more security than a teacher…

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