Somedays You’re the Bird. Somedays You’re the Statue.

My last post was about the exquisitely awful SyFy Original movie Sharknado (be sure to catch the re-broadcast on SyFy this Thursday at 7pm eastern). And then I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe, Sharknado is more than just a movie, more than just an event. Perhaps it is a metaphor for what’s been happening to America. Think about it.

Unless you are completely tuned out you know by now that George Zimmerman was acquitted of the senseless slaughter of teenager Treyvon Martin. While the acquittal came as no surprise to me it seems that the rest of the country has forgotten that Florida has a law in place that is all but state sponsored murder (to be fair, more than half the country has some semblance of the stand your ground law). Frankly, I was surprised it actually made it to trial.

Now look, there is no physical evidence to suggest that Zimmerman’s life was truly in danger, so the rational mind can only conclude that this was murder. Unfortunately, rationality and jurisprudence seldom go hand in hand.

Realistically,  Zimmerman could have said Treyvon Martin was a shape shifter and had arms made of machine guns. Since he took the liberty of shooting Martin dead, we don’t have any evidence to prove or disprove Zimmerman’s theoretical claim. If Martin were indeed a shape shifter he would have shifted back when he died.

I think we can safely presume Treyvon Martin was not a shape shifter.

So, does Zimmerman’s act mean he is a racist? It certainly is a big old giant flag that he might be. And maybe we can’t say concretely he is a racist,  we can say he is a big giant idiot. George Zimmerman is the very reason we should have stricter gun control laws, but that is a different argument. From where I sit, this isn’t, and shouldn’t be, about race. There are racial components to it, yes, but this whole thing is about a law that needs serious reconsideration. The stand your ground law.

Since the acquittal, people are crying for the federal government to step in and seek justice for Teyvon by putting Zimmerman on trial at a federal level. NO NO NO! Convicting Zimmerman is NOT the answer. Outside of jail he’ll spend the rest of his days as a social pariah and living with the fact that everyone knows that he shot a kid in cold blood. Inside of jail, the Aryan Brotherhood will protect him and treat him like a hero.

Do not look for justice through the legal system. Seek justice for Treyvon Martin by challenging the federal government to force each state to overthrow the god damn law. It’s a horrible law. Wouldn’t the memory of Treyvon Martin be better served by being the catalyst for changing a law? I certainly think it would be. Of course, such a move by the fed’s would challenge each states sovereignty, but maybe it’s time for the federal government to grow a set of balls and start doing something other than lining their pockets and those of their corporate sponsors and the 1%’ers. No?

It should come as no shock this Zimmerman pig fluck took place in Florida. The state has a long and storied history of being…well, of being Florida, the skid mark of America.

In my lifetime I may not have seen anything quite as apocalyptic as a Sharknado but I’ve seen some truly messed up stuff:

  • Horrible miscarriages of justice. The Rodney King  and OJ Simpson acquittals immediately come to mind.
  • Snot nosed Ivy League Wall Street twats making billions by all but puncturing a whole in the global financial world and then crying to the Federal Reserve Bank (a convoluted corporate structure that is a FOR PROFIT institution) saying that they needed about one trillion dollars of taxpayers money. Periodically returning to the teet of the Fed when they needed more money.
  • Student loan debt is now a larger part of American’s debt structure than commercial debt.
  • We’ve all but created an entire generation of indentured servants. Shouldn’t education be a right and not a privilege?
  • Our government has experienced a corporate coup d’etat as corporate lobbyists outnumber elected officials by +/- 30 to 1. Make no mistake, we live in a corporatocracy, NOT a democracy.
  • Kids and young adults have gone into grade schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges and senselessly slaughtered innocent people.
  • We’ve heard this time and time again, but the rich keep getting richer. And not little by little, we are talking about double digit percentage increases in personal wealth.
  • The middle and lower classes have experienced no growth and any wage increase parsed out is offset by tax increases or service rate increases.
  • We had the largest period of economic expansion only to be obliterated by a blue blooded man child who stole the election (once again, thanks Florida) and then got us entrenched in two wars. One we are still mired in. Any expansion we experienced had the air sucked right out of it after 9/11. Yes, 9/11 did change everything.
  • The same man watched as a city under water screamed for help, turning New Orleans into his own personal LARP (live action role play) game of the TV show Survivor.
  • We continue to be the worlds leading jailer. Why are our prison rates growing when crime rates are going down? Why do we feel the need to spend money on prisons, but cut education and care for the middle and lower classes?

I could continue this list for days and still not come close to having a thorough list of offenses that have rained down on America over the past 30 years. Are any of them as cataclysmic as a Sharknado? No, absolutely not. But there is a difference, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest a Sharknado could ever occur outside of a SyFy Original Movie.

Sadly, if you look around you, you will see nothing but evidence of a 30+ year metaphorical Sharknado.

Religion and blind patriotism are the opiate of the masses(1) and part of being an American is having some sort of blind flag waving pride in our country. But I’m not blind and I don’t have that same sense of pride. Perhaps being an American is less about patriotism and more about optimism. Maybe being an American is about believing we can do better.

Maybe being an American is more about seeking justice for Treyvon Martin not by prosecuting George Zimmerman, but by coming together to change a law to insure that there will never be another Treyvon Martin.

Maybe being an American is believing that we can create a technology that allows us to accurately forecast a Sharknado and make any necessary adjustments so that should such an atrocity occur, we can respond accordingly.

I dunno, I’m just sayin…

1 – Karl Marx