A friend shared this story after reading my post Loyalty and Honesty:

I believe I told you this story already, but as I love to repeat myself, I will again.  My second cousin is, and was always , a HUGE Iron Maiden fan.   He also has always been quite an oddball – but that is neither here nor there.  HE told me a story once that he was bagging groceries at some Long Island supermarket  as a teen and he had an Iron Maiden T shirt on underneath his apron.  The guy he was checking out was like “ Hey you like Iron Maiden?  Here is two  tickets and backstage passes to tonight’s show in the city”.  My cousin was elated.  I could be wrong, but since reading your article and the name rings a bell so clearly, I think it was Kevin Shirley ( I say this because he told me the guys name but I have no idea who it was, but when I read the article that name stuck out) – regardless – it was the most random and  nicest thing ever.  Genuine.

I can only imagine this made her cousins day and its probably a story he still tells to this day. And he should. It’s a good one.

You see, that is the kind of PR no money can buy and it’s the kind of human quality that makes me have even a deeper appreciation of Iron Maiden and the people they are. No, Kevin Shirley is not a member of Iron Maiden, but he has produced a number of their albums. Good people choose to work with good people.

Good people are not a dime a dozen, these days it’s like finding a needle in a five ton haystack.