Some Wednesday thoughts.

You may in fact be richer than a country in Africa.

US government suing Standard & Poor for $5 billion in response to the financial crisis and yet Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, BOA, etc remain untouched.
This is like suing Nielsen for NBC’s “1600 Penn” debacle.

Am I the ONLY one amazed that Radio Shack is still in business?

Jeff Zucker, newly anointed head of CNN, strikes again!
SERIOUSLY, does ANYONE really consider this man a visionary?

Marc Boal on “Zero Dark Thirty”:
“I’m not trying to have it both ways. It is both ways,” Mr. Boal says. “Saying it’s a movie is a fair and accurate description. Saying it’s a movie based on firsthand accounts is a fair and accurate description. That’s what gives it its power.”

Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail by Matt Taibbi.
Perhaps the government should simply give out complimentary K-Y.

Competition is often a good thing. In this case, it could be a revolutionary thing.
I am kind of convinced people are publicly down on Netflix but privately watch EVERYTHING they do. You know why? BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE WE ARE HEADED!

My thoughts on broadcast television and its future.

Sorry Sean “Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy” Combs, it is NOT all about the benjamins. Corporate culture rules the day…Stay classy Zappos.

The digital conundrum.
It begs the question, exactly how much money do rich people REALLY need.

Why is Facebook’s e-commerce offering so disappointing?
Umm, because Facebook is relatively useless. Just because you have the eyeballs doesn’t mean you have the engagement.

Well, well, well, perhaps SOMEONE in television has an idea of the future.

Thats all folks

Many thanks to Jason Hirschhorn.