More 1600 Penn

I have been chewing on this since I jammed the third episode of of 1600 Penn, the heaping pile of steaming television dung, upon myself last week. I watched it not in the hopes it would get better, but to see how crappy it could get. It did not disappoint.

In this third episode, Stacy Keach makes an appearance as a long serving racist southern congressman. So when Skip looks him up online to learn more about him he sees a picture of the congressman with “ghosts”. I don’t think I need to explain exactly who he was referring to as “ghosts”, but just as a point of clarity, it was the KKK.

Later in the show at a big gala to honor the long serving congressman, Skip asks the White House band “Do you know any Chris Deburgh? (long pause) Lady in Red? (long pause)”

They’re asking the viewers to accept that Skip has no clue about the KKK, a stain on American history taught in almost all history books, yet he knows the name of a British pop star who had ONE American hit…in 1986? I don’t expect sitcoms to be smart, I expect them to be funny.

Is this really the same network that developed and gave us CheersSeinfeldThe Cosby Show, and Friends?

1600 Penn is so bad that there are not yet words to describe it. Perhaps this show is an intellectual exercise in the unfunny, in which case, it is a tremendous success.